Here is how you can prepare your own favourite flavored ice-cream at home!

Here is how you can prepare your own favourite flavored ice-cream at home!

Making ice cream is a very basic task and is not at all difficult. You don’t need to use any fancy equipment in order to prepare one. Icecreams are forever favourite. Not only for few but for almost all of us. When the temperatures rise and it is summer season, icecreams are must. While people find it easy to buy it from outside, but have you ever thought how convenient it would be if you just try making it at your home?

Vanilla is way too basic and is the most common flavour of all. Apart from vanilla, have you ever tried making some other ice cream recipes? Well, this article will help you in making some mouth-watering ice creams at home.

Cookies and Cream is one of the most popular ice cream flavour. For this amazing one, you need to first create a vanilla ice cream base and then add crushed chocolate cookies. You can prefer any chocolate cookie brand to add in your vanilla ice cream base. This ice cream recipe is absolutely tasty and divine. It will help you overcome your bad moods.

Chocolate is the richest flavour of all. Also, it is the easiest ice cream recipe to prepare at home. This flavour is the most preferred flavour of all time. To make chocolate ice cream, you just need cocoa powder, some cream and condensed milk. Mix all of them and let it freeze overnight. Next morning you can have it with your family and in case if you need chocolate chip ice cream, sprinkle some Choco chips on it and your chocolate chip ice cream is all set to be served.

There is nothing to worry even if you don’t have whole milk or heavy cream. Any milk will work and you can substitute it for cream too. As mentioned earlier, vanilla is the commonly used ingredient in ice creams so make sure you have a dash of vanilla.

Ice creams become even more adventurous when special flavours are added. You can experiment with many stuffs like Oreo cookie chunks, peppermint candies, mango and kiwi and also pineapple seeds. Now, it is necessary that you add salt too. If there is no salt in the ice cream mix, it will gradually melt and your preparation might fail. In order to freeze the mix for a longer time, don’t forget to add salt to the ice to lower the freezing temperature. This will help in creating a smooth and creamy ice cream.

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