Cuisines Of North-East India

Cuisines Of North-East India

The North-East of India is a fascinating mix of people and cultures. Their tastes, as well as their dishes, are as distinct as their lively way of life. Many of their dishes include simple and flavorful fresh ingredients such as Bamboo Shoot, Bhut Jolokia, and local greens. Despite the fact that many of the dishes contain meat, it’s worth noting how light and delicious they are. Mustard oil is used to enhance the flavor of the recipes.

Cuisines Of North-East India

Smoked Pork

Nagaland is famous for its pork delicacies, and the locals consider pork to be their primary meat source. The outside of the smoked pork meal is crispy, while the inside is succulent and succulent. The pork is cut into small pieces and cooked dry or in a curry with local active ingredients.

The presence of bamboo shoots within the pork meal emphasizes the strong smoky taste. Other ingredients such as Akhuni (fermented soya bean) and anishi (fermented yam leaves) are frequently added to the pork to bring out different flavors.


Galho is similar to khichdi, an Indian dish made of rice and lentils that is common throughout the country. The only difference is that galho is almost always made with meat, whereas khichdi is a vegetarian dish. The meat of choice is smoked pork, and the flavor of the dish is enhanced by the addition of axone (fermented soybean), a main active ingredient in many Northeast Indian dishes. When making the recipe, some people added pork fat as well. Pork fat, interestingly, was recently called one of the most healthy foods.


Thukpa is thought to have originated in Tibet, but the recipe has traveled far and wide and is now a favorite among Arunachal Pradesh residents. It is made with level noodles and meat or locally available hill vegetables. Thenthuk is a similar dish available here that uses hand-pulled or attack-sized noodles rather than flat noodles. This comforting recipe is particularly common in Arunachal Pradesh during the cold winter months.


This dish is from Tripura. This dish, made with stir-fried bamboo shoots and sliced pork, has the perfect balance of smokiness and lusciousness. The pork is cooked to perfection, with a hint of moisture in every bite.

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