Remember those days when you are just seated on a corner feeling sad or lonely? Then you think of one of the few things that can make you happy or at least help you lighten up- food! We all have various cravings when feeling blue. Of course, for a lot of people out there, eating their favorite comfort food can actually make all the difference between a bad day and a delightful one. Comfort food can be anything from a simple homemade chicken noodle soup to a full combo of burger, fries and drinks. But what makes comfort food, well, comfort food?


That question sounds like an easy one, but for most people like you and me who enjoy their comfort food without even knowing what makes it really comforting, such question is rather a difficult one. However, on the long trip that I had in the southernmost part of the country, including an exploration on the numerous restaurants in Charleston WV, Ohio and in Kentucky, I was somehow reminded of what comfort food really means. For some people, comfort food is not just any ordinary food that is consumed that is consumed for nourishment. Though comfort food is as nourishing as any other food, it also nourishes some other things in a person’s life.


Comfort food is nostalgic. There is something about eating our favorite dish that revive some of the sentimental feelings a person had before. For other people, certain types of food can even transport them to the past, making them relive past experiences and vividly remember memories. A simple sip of your favorite soup or a single bite from your favorite sandwich can bring you to your happy place, where positive emotions and feelings arise. A number of people can even feel connected to the people they love and adore whenever they eat their favorite comfort food. This may be attributed to the fact that the comfort food that people love to it were used to be prepared or cooked by the same people that they love and adore.

Just to sight a personal example, the moment I visited a restaurant in Charleston WV aptly named Happy Days Cafe, I was literally reminded of the happy days that I spent on the Italian countryside, where I spent most of my childhood. This was the instant effect of a hoagy that was made of salami, pastrami and cheese. I’m sure a lot of people experience the same thing too whenever they eat their most comforting comfort food. It seems like whenever a person eats their comfort food, their guts commands the brain to bring up happy thoughts and positive emotions. That is why some people also de-stress by consuming their favorite food.

There is something about every person’s favorite dish or comfort food that brings forth a delightful and soothing effect to the person eating it. Each person experiences a unique and varied effect when eating their comfort food. For me, it took a restaurant in Charleston WVto serve me the food that made me feel and relive the nostalgic memories of my childhood. For others, it may take a different kind of food or another kind of dish to make them feel the same thing. Whatever it is about comfort food that makes it so comforting, one may never know. Yet, there is no doubt to the fact that every bit of our personal comfort food really makes life worth living.

Author Bio:  Kaycee Mabborang is a writer for Happy Days Café. She has been producing quality content since 2010.

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