Cookie Monster is one of the most enduring, and endearing, childhood characters in history.  He was created in 1966 by Jim Henson and has enjoyed a longer television career than most other actors!  While new characters come to life on Sesame Street, like Elmo and Abby Cadabby, Cookie Monster is still one of the most popular.  We love his bright, friendly face and his unabashed love of cookies and the letter C.  Any child’s party is more fun when Cookie is the theme, and the cake tastes better when you see his smiling, hungry face.

A child’s birthday party can be hectic and stressful, so it is worth it to take shortcuts that can save you some time and energy.  One of these is to buy a cake mix.  It’s not cheating; it is using your time efficiently!  Use a round cake pan to bake your child’s favorite flavor or use two pans to make layers of different flavors.  It will all be covered with blue, so the flavor or color does not matter one bit. If you do make layers, use frosting to “cement” them together.

While the cake is baking and cooling, find a good picture of Cookie Monster to help you decorate the cake. has some great options.  Once you are properly inspired, and the cake is cool, start by frosting the entire cake Cookie Monster blue.  Dab some food coloring into a can of white icing until you have the shade that you want (Cookie tends to be a darker or navy blue).  Feel free to give the blue frosting a textured look. This will resemble Cookie Monster’s fur.

Cookie Monster’s mouth is typically shown as black, but as home bakers know, it can be difficult to make black frosting.  You can give it a try by adding a food coloring gel or powder, available at specialty and online baking shops, such as Wilton.  Another option is to simply purchase a tube of black frosting for the party.  You can find tubes from suppliers such as Wilton for a few dollars.  If you are making a last minute cake and can’t get your hands on either of these, use chocolate.  Cookie Monster would understand.  Cookie’s smile is wide, so be generous with the mouth.  Many people break up some chocolate chip cookies, and put pieces on top of the mouth.  This is a great, yummy, touch.

Cookie has big, googly white eyes.  You can either create these by piping white icing onto the cake and then using some of your black (or chocolate) icing for the pupils.  Be sure to make the pupils asymmetrical!  You could also bake two cupcakes, frost them with white frosting and make the pupils then.  This creates a great 3D look.

For a bigger party, supplement the main cake with Cookie Monster cupcakes.  These are just as easy to make.  Cut a slice into a cooled cupcake and insert a mini chocolate chip cookie.  Use a star icing tip to frost around the mouth and over the entire cupcake blue.  Use white candy melts for the eyes; glue chocolate chips on for the pupils using a drop of frosting.  Insert the eyes into the cupcake, and you have a delicious and adorable treat.

Cookie Monster would be proud of this effort.  And because cake starts with “C,” he would probably dive right in and enjoy himself.

Image by Pescatello on Flickr’s Creative Commons.

Pinkchic18 writes about baking and cooking, and frequently contributes to the Gourmet Cookie Bouquets Recipe Blog, where you can find a variety tips for making tasty cookie bouquets!

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